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Sherman Off the Square (ShOT), Gallery Off the Square and Poetry Jams are brands for collaborative projects by members and supporters of Ideation Station LLC, a coworking and community center in downtown Sherman, Texas. We began with our members, then our neighbors on South Travis, and are expanding to connect collaborators aross Texoma including more startups and businesses and more artists to amplify and bring visibility to our collaboration projects and their individual work. Sherman Off the Square

Our neighborhood on Travis, one block south of the Square.We are committed to advocating for the Cultural Arts as a significant economic opportunity and income generator for Greater Texoma and for Sherman in particular. By contributing to us, you help fund early stage and emerging artists use of our space and work products, and in return can enjoy exclusive access to art, music, beats, poetry, photography, performance arts and other cultural arts created in Texoma as it develops.

People just like you are collaborating with us locally in these efforts, are members, or are tied to Ideation Station or its members. You may have come to know us through one of our pop up gallery events where we collaborated with Ghost Town Arts Collective for example. Or perhaps you came to know us because of one of our receptions for the Gallery Off the Square artists. Perhaps you’ve come to know us through social media and our support and promotion of start ups and local businesses. However you have become acquainted, we want to know you better, and hope you will come to know us as well, and our members and community. Community building to support the arts, creatives and start up entrepreneurs is the largest part of our mission and you can support us in that effort.

It is time to “Give a ShOT” about all the local startups, entrepreneurs, makers, artists, and creatives in the Greater Texoma Community. For several years now, we’ve been publicizing and spreading the good news about all the things to do, experience and enjoy with our friends and neighbors and keep those dollars circulating in our community. Let’s just say we are upping the game and you can be part of it.

To collaborate with us – Join ShOT.

To contribute and support our Creative Community and sponsor new and emerging artists:Become a Patron!

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