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The Sweet Shoppe by Juanita Wallis Kelley is being distributed in print and pdf format to friends, classmates, cultural arts supporters and others with a connection to Texoma and Sherman. Ruth Williamson, Community Organizer and majority partner at Ideation Station LLC, worked with Ms. Kelley to compile a selection of her poems to be published. Ruth also plans to record each poem as the initial content for a podcast that Ideation Station will sponsor for local artists, writers and community arts supporters. This collection of recordings will be made available for Ms. Kelley to take to her reunion and share with her classmates from the Texas School for the Blind. Ruth and Juanita have been friends since elementary school in Sherman. Juanita tells the story best in her response about the book being ready to distribute as follows:

Juanita and Robert Kelley

Juanita and Robert Kelley

This is simply wonderful, Ruthie!! I am just over the moon about this!! I am honored to be the first amateur poet to have a chapbook published by your awesome group!! I wish my Mamma and Daddy and Aunts Aileen and Marion could see this!

I’m going to order several print copies from Ruthie and send her the money in advance! Then, I’ll sell those print copies to any of my friends who would like to purchase one. Until I can figure out an economical way to make braille copies, I’ll just be selling the print and pdf versions for now.

Ruthie wrote the wonderful article and included the little bio I wrote for her. I even included Robert and Blue Mist in the bio! And the pic on the front of the book is of Robert and me!

Thanks in advance to anyone who purchases a copy of The Sweet Shoppe!!!

I am stoked!!!

You totally rock, Ruthie!!
We met in third grade when my special school for handicapped kids sent me to public school for one class a day, which was reading. I even had art class and music class with those third graders on Fridays. Ruthie is one of the children who read aloud to me in that class! That was my first foray among public school children. They were all so polite and helpful to me.

Fast forward to my 8th grade when I started attending public school all day long! Dillingham Junior High. Ruthie helped me at lunch that entire school year. She went through the lunch line for me every single day and got my two hot dogs and carton of milk! I ate the same thing the entire year! I did love me some hot dogs with a ton of mustard on them! Ruthie always slathered them with mustard because she knew that’s how I loved them! Nina, another Fb friend, sat at our lunch table. We had some fun times back then!

Fast forward another 37 years and Ruthie and I reconnected here on Fb!

And, now 8 more years later, this lady is turning one of my lifelong dreams into a reality!! I can’t fully express how much this means to me. It’s not often that I’m at a loss for words, but this time could be a first!! Lol! Just know, to the entire universe, this 61-year-old woman feels about 16 tonight and she’s loving it!! Lol.

My husband is home from his gig and I was so anxious to tell him about this!

I’m doing my happy dance, y’all! Right here on my favorite spot on earth…my couch!! Lol. Later, y’all.

Find out more about Juanita and download her poems for $6.00 from the Ideation Station website, just Click Here. The recorded version will be made available at a later date.

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